Beauty Brand Consultancy


Nadira V Persaud has been a beauty industry professional for 25 years working for A-list clients with her much recognised holistic approach to each layer of her business and the beauty world.  Her experience as a Make up Artist and Brand Ambassador has allowed her to work closely with cosmetics and skincare brands around the globe consulting on make up collections and colours as well as product development, brand awareness, practical sales and marketing solutions.

“I provide the essential link between ‘what people want’, the beauty insiders and the brand’s ultimate promise.”

I know the expectations of professionals and the ideology of everyday women at the same time recognising this is critical to the success of any beauty brand within a global marketplace.  This often needs to be married with both practical application whilst encompassing the brand’s strategic vision to offer well rounded solutions

“My work with brands as an Ambassador draws on more than just Make Up Artist skills. I immerse myself in brands philosophies, vision and performance ideals, thus enabling me to passionately endorse it to the consumer.  This can be in person or harnessing social media, PR, beauty columns, crediting, marketing, education and of course being a genuine fan!  After all, integrity is key…”

My holistic approach to my art and consulting allows me to take a multifaceted viewpoint which ticks the boxes for consumer desires and establishes exposure plus sales for beauty brands on a global scale. In order to deliver the optimum outcome I offer relevant and intuitive solutions from initial concept to end consumer by understanding the user’s aspirations along with operational challenges (development, packaging, delivery, marketing, PR, retail environment) and a true understanding of the application.

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